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Shop Secondhand

Buy unique, pre-owned sports merchandise and help the environment in the process

-   ABOUT US  -

The "RE" in RE SPORTS stands for recycling and reusing.  Almost all of RE SPORTS's inventory has been purchased secondhand or donated, rather than manufactured specifically for the store. Reusing items - clothes, books, toys, equipment - is often the best way of recycling and minimizing the negative impact on the environment.  You can learn more about what items you can donate to us by going to the Donate page. 


*Please note that RE SPORTS is a for-profit retail store, not a charity, and although a percentage of sales from donated items will be given to charitable causes we cannot provide tax receipts for donations.*

The "SPORTS" in RE SPORTS refers to what we sell: sporting equipment, clothes, trading cards, novelties and collectibles.  Selling secondhand goods means you will never know what you may find when you come in our store.  We carry clothing and novelties from every major sport, with an emphasis on local teams and universities.  To see a sample of what we have for sale, browse our gallery or visit our Facebook page: resportsnj. 

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